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Old Tønsberg: The Castle Hill, publ. by Vestfold College, 2001. 
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Tapestry by Randi Kielland from a drawing by Gerh. Munthe


    In 1503 the royal castle on Slottsfjellet was burnt to the ground. Since then the hill has been used as grounds for outdoor activities and festivals. But never before have such preparations been made for a festival as for the town's 1100th anniversary. 
    It is a pleasure for the editors to publish this brochure on Slottsfjellet in 1971. We are particularly grateful for the valuable contributions we have received. Architect Gerhard Fischer has increased our knowledge of Tunsberghus.
    Writer  Kåre Holt has brought the people in the castle alive for us. His poem about the Lady who came a-walking is printed here for the first time. It was song to Finn Ludt's melody in a TV programme about Tønsberg last New Year's Eve. It pleases us that the brochure on Slottsfjellet can end with a love song. The drawing on the cover and the other drawings of Tunsberghus were made by architect Nils Petter Solheim. Our thanks for them as well.

    Tønsberg, April 1971
    The Editors

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